20-21 BTW School Improvement Leadership Team

BTW School Improvement Leadership Team (SILT)
Posted on 02/25/2021




School Improvement Leadership Team


Functions as the building’s school improvement team with specific emphasis on professional development and planning. The group focuses on goals strategies and supports as they relate to the school improvement plan. The group becomes intimately involved with the school improvement plan and subsequent initiatives. The members receive a stipend and have shared supervision if applicable. School Improvement Chairs/Advisors are hired by administration.


Administrators – Rebecca Ramey, Jacquelyn Teague, Jaime Roundtree

Coaches – Betrice Jones, Tara Lash

Climate and Culture Committee Chair— Danelle Bartels

Equity Committee Chair— Gloretha Brown

Professional Development Committee Chair— Erin Claflin

Teaching and Learning Committee Chair— Olivia Staske

SILT Committee Members

Meeting Schedules

Climate and Culture:

Betrice Jones

Danelle Bartels

Brian Anderson


Jenna Mahoney

Emily Pawlicki

Mary Hawkins,

Serita Palmer

Jenny Jamison

Diandra Werner

Professional Development:

Kyli Miller

Matt Trueblood

Quillin Hopkins

Lauren Johnson

Teaching and Learning:

Kevin Farrell

Tara Lash

Tracy Pristovnik

Lisa Ferguson


2nd Tuesdays(9/8, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11)


4th Tuesdays (9/22, 10/27, 11/24, 12/22, 1/24, 2/23, 3/23, 4/27, 5/25)

SIP Days

8/17-8/21, 10/22, 1/4, 3/11, 5/25

BTW Grade-Level Collaboration Meetings

Twice monthly

Faculty meetings

1st and 3rd Mondays




Climate and Culture


Professional Development

Teaching and Learning

Chair - Danelle Bartels

Chair - Gloretha Brown

Chair—Erin Claflin

Chair—Olivia Staske

We would like to create a committee to identify aspects of our school environment that will help establish and foster improved relationships between our many constituencies, including between and amongst, students, staff, and families.

We would like to create a committee to explore ways to foster the empowerment of our students and families in hopes of (re)establishing a trusting relationship and honor the strengths of our BTW community.

We would like to create a committee to identify targeted professional learning needs. Based on these needs, the committee will explore and develop a differentiated professional learning plan that is differentiated, ongoing, and job-embedded.

We would like to create a committee to explore and develop an instructional framework cycle that provides us with the data needed to monitor students’ progress so as to ensure students are advancing toward their projected growth targets within a new instructional model and approach.

  • Identify 3 to 5 components of the school environment that are physically, culturally, and social emotionally supportive and safe
  • Develop a family engagement plan that includes a process for communication, celebrations, and involvement
  • Create and implement Conscious Discipline framework for social and emotional learning that educates the whole child fostering strong relationships throughout the school
  • Implement 3 activities designed to promote staff bonding opportunities annually
  • In consultation with district administrators, create and/or conduct mandatory diversity and inclusion, equity, and implicit bias training as directed in the Unit 4 Board Resolution.
  • Create 4(one per quarter) experiences for staff for self-reflection regarding levels of racism, equity, and social justice to build cultural competency.
  • Evaluate current systems and structures for evidence of institutional racism that may marginalize our students, staff, and/or families (i.e. teaching and learning, schedules, involvement opportunities)
  • Identify and facilitate 2 to 3 areas of focus to address systemic racism
  • Dismantle racist systems and rebuild with a lens of cultural competency
  • Survey and identify staff needs for growth( examples: progress monitoring, guided reading, assessment, data)
  • Create and monitor a Professional Development calendar with job-embedded opportunities annually
  • Identify and implement continuous professional development that includes different learning modalities (workshop model, small group, large group, planning, prepping)
  • Will included both internal and external consultants in the professional development opportunities
  • Conduct a K-2 literacy evaluation in consultation with the Teaching and Learning Department in preparation for the development of a literacy framework
  • Identify 2-3 high yield instructional strategies connected to Danielson Framework in consultation with the Teaching and Learning Department
  • Conduct a 3-5 instructional evaluation referencing the work of the teaching and learning department in preparation for the development of a teaching and learning cycle framework
  • Finalize the teaching and learning cycle framework
  • Implement the teaching and learning cycle framework including high yield instructional based strategies and culturally responsive practices
  • Monitor the implementation of the teaching and learning cycle framework for rigor and consistency


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